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Bring Music to Life!



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Delivered by Muriel Garner

Next Session Starts 29th November 2018

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Places Available: 28



- Be inspired by musical ideas 
- Specialist and non-specialists alike, to be able to impart musical creative activities to whole school classes 
- Be informed of the correct musical terminology
- A practical musical experience! 
- Break down the barriers between pupils who consider themselves as achievers and non-achievers 
- Children invent and enjoy their musical practical experience 
- Pupils listen and share ideas 



Create it. Express it. Hear it. Live it. 


This course is designed to inspire teachers and reveal the relevance that musica can play in their own class curriculum planning. 

It is routed in the understanding of the pupils inventing, selecting and performing musical pieces. 

BY the end of the course, teachers should have designed their own lesson plans to incorporate into their children's work. 

The course has an additional aim of promoting the importance of pupils practising the art of listening and sharing ideas as well as encouraging pride in achievement and performance. 


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