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Full STEAM Ahead

Developing a STEAM Rich Curriculum

Leadership / Subject Leadership
Maths / Numeracy
Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT)


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Delivered by Tanya Shields

Next Session Starts 10th May 2019

9:15am - 4:00pm

Places Available: 27


Science, Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics are all key subjects that are essential in a balanced and effective primary curriculum.With DFE's recent focus on curriculum coverage it is the perfect time to explore new ways to develop a STEAM rich curriculum rich curriculum in your school.

This course will share a range of practical ideas to ensure pupils develop the age appropriate skills outlined in each STEAM curriculum area. You will be able to explore cross curricular and project-based activities designed to support learning at all ages and critically reflect on the suitability of different approaches for your school.

When faced with authentic challenges and problems, children thrive and begin to make the connections between the academic and skills need for life. This course will show you how to provide opportunity for children to make these connections and engage with a STEAM rich curriculum.



- Identify age appropriate links between Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics
- Describe suitable cross curricular and project-based activities to engage children in STEAM
- Critically reflect on appropriate approaches to develop STEAM in your class/school.

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