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RQT Programme 2020/21

Leadership / Subject Leadership
Maths / Numeracy
Recently Qualified Teacher (RQT)


Member Price: £300.00 + VAT

Non Member Price: £450.00 + VAT

(Prices are quoted excluding VAT)

Next Session Starts 14th October 2020

3:45pm - 5:00pm

Places Available: 96

Our RQT Programme is designed to support teachers through their second year of teaching, recognising the turbulence and disruption of the last academic year.

Building upon their knowledge, skills and experience, the carefully planned sessions follow a tried and tested format.  The first autumn half term will mirror the NQT offer at this difficult time, with a focus on emotional well-being and class management to support children in their return to full time learning.

As the year progresses, this programme is designed to build a learning network.  When face to face contact is re-introduced, the RQTs will have opportunities to work alongside Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) in a range of subjects, including observing them teach.  Interactive lesson studies will focus on refining subject knowledge and securing pedagogical approaches to help RQTs develop the confidence to adapt teaching to suit individual needs.  The programme also offers access to our unique Professional Partner Programe.  This allows each RQT bespoke support from a named senior leader within our member schools.  This can be accessed throughout the year.


Session 1: Supporting Children's Emotional Well-being

Wednesday 16th September 2020 (3.45pm)

Tutorials: Wednesday 23rd September 2020 (3.45pm)


Session 2: Behaviour Strategies & Classroom Management

Wednesday 14th October 2020 (3.45pm)

Tutorials: Tuesday 20th October 2020 (3.45pm)


Session 3: For RQTs Embarking on Subject Leadership Roles in Schools

Wednesday 4th November 2020 (3.45pm)

Aims of this session:

- To understand the roles and responsibilities of a subject leader

- Support in auditing, reviewing and action planning

- Sequencing


Spring & Summer 2021


Dates to be confirmed

Sessions 4, 5 and 6 will be morning sessions, allowing opportunities to observe Specialist Leaders in Education (SLEs) deliver lessons in Maths, Reading and Writing.

Time will be allowed for discussion before and after each lesson.


Session 6: The final session will be a joint NQT/RQT conference delivered by a nationally recognised speaker


Programme cost - £300 plus VAT

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